Apex Endodontics, Quality-Centered Endodontics


Christopher G. Budig, D.D.S.

Our Mission

Our mission at Apex Endodontics is simple: to provide you with the highest quality endodontic treatment available anywhere, in a pleasant, caring, and courteous environment.  We are committed to helping you save your natural teeth.  Your concerns are our concerns, and your comfort and dental health are our top priority.  We function as a team with your primary dental health care provider and other specialists to provide you with the best possible comprehensive care. 

Because of our commitment to excellence, we use only the most current concepts, techniques, and materials.  Our philosophy is to "make no compromises" when it comes to your dental health.  With state-of-the-art technology, microscopy, digital x-rays, and a paperless office system, your comfort, health and well-being comes first.

Advances in Technology

Our practice utilizes the newest technologies available in endodontics for your treatment.  We use special operating microscopes adapted for dentistry throughout all phases of your endodontic treatment.  These precise instruments allow us to visualize fine details, up to 20x the magnification of the naked eye, inside your tooth.  We also use digital radiography to make images of your teeth, which can be viewed on monitors in each treatment room.  Our dental software, The Digital Office (TDO) is an added convenience for both our patients and referring doctors.  You will never have to worry about communication between your dentist and Apex Endodontics.  The Digital Office Program takes care of everything!  With TDO, registration is a breeze:

  1. You can fill out your health history and data on-line before your appointment; saving you time.  Our Digital Office is secure to assure the privacy of your personal information.
  2. Your digital radiographs and photographs of your tooth are shared with your general dentist in seconds, which improves communication and the need for additional radiographs.
  3. It allows us to check your insurance benefits before you arrive and reduce the time in processing your claim.
  4. Allows you the added benefit of utilizing Care Credit if needed.
  5. Your General Dentist can monitor your progress with us 24 hours per day.
  6. Helps reduce paper waste, thus is environmentally friendly.